MARCH 2016, NYC – Following a succession of three carefully cultivated BLACK events in NYC; MATTE are pleased to announce they are taking this unique concept to Mexico City for a one-night only takeover of the abandoned Hotel Reforma on Saturday March 4th 2017, creating an international affair for the city’s emerging millennial culture.

A collaborative effort, BLACK Mexico City will unify sound with design and the very best of contemporary art, transforming a 15,000-square foot space within the hotel into a raw performance sanctuary from 10pm-4am utilizing the multiple floors and outdoor spaces also.

Visual arts have been curated by PEANA Projects Ana Perez who has created a selection of local homegrown Mexican artists including Cocolab’s Paolo Montiel, Ivan Abreu and Aldo Chaparro. BLACK is an immersive experience that defies categorization by a single artistic medium and instead showcases a collaboration of music, design and contemporary art.

Installation I and II by Aldo Chaparro

For BLACK MX City, Peruvian artist Aldo Chaparro (b. 1965, Lima) presents two full gallery installations, each drawing upon earlier bodies of work.

In the first gallery, Chaparro has staged a chiaroscuro landscape of wooden totems, their faces lit only by geometrically arranged, wall-mounted neon tubes. The sculptures—some zigzagging, others more pillar-like—are a result of the artist’s interest in the relationship between the formal and physical qualities of his chosen material. Using a handheld torch to blacken the wood’s surface, Chaparro prompts a chemical reaction to manifest itself aesthetically, in a change of color.

A second gallery is populated by a congregation of black, crumpled forms, which rest under a canopy of white electroluminescent wire. Originating as prefabricated sheets of stainless steel, these sculptures are bent and twisted into shape using the weight of the artist’s own body—no tools are employed in this process. Their warbled surfaces are coated in a mattifying electrostatic paint, providing a silky finish which acts as foil to the luminosity of the surrounding wires.

Aldo Chaparro lives and works between Mexico City, Madrid, Lima, and New York. Recent solo exhibitions and site-specific installations include;  All that is solid melts into air, Galeria Casado Santapau, Spain (2016); An unstoppable force meets an unmovable object and El Dorado, Tulum Mexico (2015); Purple, Art & Public Cabinet PH, Switzerland (2015); NaCL(í), Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, Galeria Nueve Ochenta, Bogotá, Colombia (2014); Approaching Silence, FIFI Projects, San Pedro, Garza-Garcia, Mexico (2013); Portal, Santa Clara Church, Bogotá, Colombia (2013); and an intervention at Palazzo Pamphilj, Rome, Italy (2013). His work is represented in the collection of the Pérez Art Museum Miami, as well as numerous other private collections, including the Jumex Foundation, the Coppel Collection, the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, and the Helga de Alvear Foundation.

Expansion by Ivan Abreu

Ivan’s installation for BLACK MX consists of making his gallery the only point of exterior contact. A camera positioned on the window of the gallery will record the movement of the cars and people on the street (Ave. Reforma), is a wide avenue that runs diagonally across the heart of Mexio City designed by Ferdinand von Rosenzweigh in 1860s. Abreu will take the data of gathered and program an algorithm that translates the movement going on outside into a black and white projection that will be displayed on the opposite wall.

Abreu uses a wide range of media: such as drawing, graphics, photography, electronic devices, software development, sound experimentation and industrial design, his work explores the veracity and instrumental capacity of science and technology in art contexts. His work is founded in the creation of artistic gestures that demonstrate a hypothesis to the public that proofs and perpetuates a fact, a strategy that he calls "The poetics of demonstration". Under this criteria he has created a body of work which poeticizes and produces situations of exception linked to physical and social phenomena. Projects seeking new tensions between the object, the space, the specificity of the place, and language, to activate critical thinking and the desire of the possible.

He has received prizes and supports like The Prix Ars Electronica (2012, Linz, Austria); The National System of Art Creators of the National Fund for Culture and Arts (2012-2014, Mexico), the CINTAS Foundation Award in Visual Arts, (2011-2012, New York, Miami) and the Research Support Program In Arts and Media of the National Center of the Arts (2007). He is currently a member of the National System of Art Creators of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts, FONCA (2016-2019, Mexico).

His work has been exhibited in institutions and galleries such as PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Italy; The NTU School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore; National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan; Laboratory of Alameda Art, DF, Mexico; The Front Gallery, San Diego, US; Sonnenschein Gallery and Albright Gallery, Chicago, US; Former Colegio de San Ildefonso, X Monterrey Biennial FEMSA, DF, Mexico; Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria, Museo Carrillo Gil, DF, Mexico; Greusslich Contemporary Gallery, Berlin; Casa del Lago, Mexico; among others.

His work is in public and private collections such as FEMSA, CINTAS Foundation, Patronato del Centro Histórico, Casa Vecina; Televisa and Museo Extremeño and Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo.

Director of the Degree in Interaction and Digital Media at the Universidad Centro de Diseño, Cine y Television in Mexico; Also runs his own laboratory where research and ideas are developed at the crossroads between art, design, science and technology and their impact on culture.

Zi babu by Paolo Montiel

Zi babu, translated from summerian language means light gate. Triangle shape repetitions which are displayed with lights on top of the audience suggest a light portal which is continuously morphing its shape while at the same time following the rhythm of the music being played on stage.

Paolo Montiel was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, México in 1977. He studied Physics, Art history and music. Now currently living in Mexico City working as a lighting designer and light artist with a main interest in light programming. He believes that light can trigger memories which are hidden within ourselves, once we release them we will have a better understanding of reality and space. He is also part of Cocolab, Mayan Warrior and MNRoy.


MATTE is a creative agency and production company focused on culture and content creation. Founded in 2011 in New York City, MATTE develops its own music properties and works with brands to create holistic campaigns, rich with culture, high in design, and original in spirit. MATTE music projects include Full Moon Music Festival and BLACK, while clients include Maison Kitsuné, Fendi, Solid & Striped, Google, and Samsung.


A contemporary art gallery and exhibition platform, PEANA Projects employs a dynamic curatorial model that fosters artistic collaboration and innovation. Through nomadic, site-specific projects held in nontraditional art spaces, PEANA aims to increase access to Latin American contemporary art globally, having previously organized exhibitions in the United States, Mexico and Europe.

PEANA Projects is an exhibition platform committed to the furthering of social and cultural engagement with Latin American contemporary art globally and the promotion of international artists within the Mexican art market. PEANA organizes site-specific projects in New York and Europe, while also maintaining a permanent gallery space in Monterrey, Mexico. Through its adaptable curatorial model and diverse programming, PEANA seeks to facilitate a both material and conceptual exchange between these regions and their respective local artistic communities.