APRIL 2017, NYC –  A collaborative effort, BLACK unifies sound and contemporary art, transforming a 30,000 square feet warehouse space into a performance sanctuary utilizing the two floors and outdoor spaces.

Visual arts have been curated by PEANA Projects Ana Perez who has created a selection of New York based and international artists: Hubert Dobler, Paolo Montiel, Kyle McDonald & Jonas Jongejan.

The artists exhibited share an interest in the generative exchanges between art and technology, especially the ways that mechanical and computer-based technologies can be used to visualize, focus, or otherwise manipulate immaterial forces, such as light and speed. While their tools and techniques vary, each of the artists transforms energy into a three-dimensional drawing in space, the acceleration marks left by a revving engine or the pulses of a computer program turning abstract forces visual and experiential. In ROUNDABOUT2, Austrian artist Hubert Dobler binds together two motorcycles which, spinning at high speed, leave behind a series of circuitous marks. Produced through friction, these marks visualize the energy latent within the vehicles and will be on view following the performance. During intermission, multidisciplinary collective COCOLAB will present an immersive light and sound performance entitled White Canvas, which features a multitude of individually programmed lights that correspond with the pulses of an accompanying score. In the basement, artist Paolo Montiel has installed Immaru—meaning “light” in Sumerian—a 188 feet long tunnel of colored lights through which visitors may travel. A final installation by Kyle McDonald & Jonas Jongejan, Light Leaks, was produced by digitally mapping fifty mirror balls, allowing the artists to manipulate the light that the objects reflect into an array of movements and patterns.


MATTE is a creative agency and production company focused on culture and content creation. Founded in 2011 in New York City, MATTE develops its own music properties and works with brands to create holistic campaigns, rich with culture, high in design, and original in spirit. MATTE music projects include Full Moon Music Festival and BLACK, while clients include Maison Kitsuné, Fendi, Solid & Striped, Google, and Samsung.


A contemporary exhibition platform, PEANA Projects employs a dynamic curatorial model that fosters artistic collaboration and innovation. Through nomadic, site-specific projects held in nontraditional art spaces, PEANA aims to increase access to Latin American contemporary art globally, having previously organized exhibitions in the United States, Mexico and Europe.

PEANA Projects is an exhibition platform committed to the furthering of social and cultural engagement with Latin American contemporary art globally and the promotion of international artists within the Mexican art market. PEANA organizes site-specific projects in New York and Europe, while also maintaining a permanent gallery space in Monterrey, Mexico. Through its adaptable curatorial model and diverse programming, PEANA seeks to facilitate a both material and conceptual exchange between these regions and their respective local artistic communities.