Rise and Fall by Tezontle at Richard Neutra's VDL House

September 28, 2017 - January 15, 2018

Richard Neutra's VDL House in Los Angeles, CA

In their installation Rise and Fall,  Tezontle appropriates Richard Neutra's VDL house converting it into a protective bunker based on a narrative given to the duo by Los Angeles novelist Aris Janigian. Exploring the ideals of 'integración plástica' Tezontle barricades the glass pavilion by reviving Carlos Merida's murals for Mario Pani's Multifamiliar Juarez, that collapsed on the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City.

Original letter by Aris Janigian and textual response by Nicholas Simcik-Arese on behalf of Tezontle can be found here.

Rise and Fall  is part of ‘Tu casa es mi casa’ a project that brings together two modernist houses in Los Angeles and Mexico City via the exchange of narrative texts, industrial objects, and installations by contemporary architects/artists, as the exhibition grapples with questions about architectural space, mass production, and domesticity within the legacy of modernism. Orchestrated to foster exchange, the exhibition asks three LA-based authors to write a narrative piece about the Neutra VDL House in the form of a letter to a Mexican artist/architect, who will respond with a site-specific installation at the Neutra VDL House, using work from the Archivo collection in Mexico City. Tu casa es mi casa further upends the historic relationship of production and consumption between Mexico and the United States, in which maquiladora workers labor on mass-produced objects intended for standardized domestic settings in the United States. Instead, Los Angeles writers and Mexican artists/architects become the agents of their own cultural export.

Artists and writers in the exhibition: Frida Escobedo, Aris Janigian, Pedro&Juana, Tezontle, Katya Tylevich, and David Ulin.

Curators: Mario Ballesteros, Andrea Dietz, Sarah Lorenzen, and Mimi Zeiger

*A bank account was established by LA Forum to receive donations for the victims of the earthquake that took place on Tuesday September 19th in Mexico, exactly thirty-two years after Merida’s murals were swallowed. For more information on how to make a donation, please contact us.