Sin Titulo, a site-specific installation by Alois Kronschlaeger for Design Week Mexico
October 6th - November 23rd 2016

Design House
Calle Luis G Urbina #84
10:30 - 19:00 h

Sin título is a sculptural installation by Alois Kronschlaeger for Design House and Design Week, Mexico that consists of sixty-four multicolored carbon steel rods welded to the roof of a 1950s Mexican baroque-style house in the neighborhood of Polanco, in Mexico City. Nearly twenty feet long and one inch wide, the individual rods are arranged in rows of eight, equally distanced from one another to create a perfect geometric shape.

While carbon steel is a sturdy material, the sculpture appears supple and elastic as the rods sway gently in the wind, brushing lightly against each other. As the viewer's vantage point changes, the sculpture produces a moiré pattern effect that engages and transfixes the eye. In the context of a building whose inherited architectural character is associated with the historical past, Kronschlaeger's mobile site-specific response brings contemporary ideas of flexibility and change. Visually, the sculpture invites the public to reconsider the interplay between art and architecture, using natural movement to shift the landscape and optically challenge the viewer.

Installation sponsored by PEANA Projects. Special thanks to Design Week Mexico and Public Art Projects.